Science is integrated into our teaching and learning program through Literacy, Numeracy and our Integrated Topics Scope and Sequence Plan. Science may be the major focus of an integrated topic, or it may be a minor focus. All students experience science learning each year, based on AusVELS Science Curriculum.

‘Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world through exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems. Science knowledge is contestable and is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises. AusVELS Science provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of important science concepts and processes, the practices used to develop scientific knowledge, of science’s contribution to our culture and society, and its application to our lives.’

The science curriculum promotes six overarching ideas: patterns; order and organisation; form and function; stability and change; systems; scale and measurement; and matter and energy.

AusVELS Science has three interrelated strands:

  • Science Understanding

  • Science as a Human Endeavour

  • Science Inquiry Skills

Science Understanding  comprises four sub strands:

  1. Biological Sciences

  2. Chemical Sciences

  3. Earth and Space Sciences

  4. Physical Sciences

Science as a Human Endeavour  comprises two sub strands:

  1. Nature and development of science

  2. Use and influence of science

Science Inquiry Skills comprises five sub strands:

  1. Questioning and predicting

  2. Planning and conducting

  3. Processing and analysing data and information

  4. Evaluating

  5. Communicating

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