Student Resources


 L.O.T.E (German) Links

Australian Languages Online : German Topics. Lots of games and activities

German Steps - BBC. A great site for parents and kids to learn a bit of German together.

Ancient Germany - History for kids

Bayswater Primary School - Links to Children's German Websites like Barbie, Knut , Der Kliene Eisbar

Henning's Haus - A website with lots of fun and engaging activities for beginners from Learning and Teaching in Scotland.

German culture

How to type Umlauts ( those two dots over a,u,o and ss )

English Languages Online - lots of good activities arranged by level

English Links

  studying for your weekly spelling test has never been easier.

 Science Links

Maths Links

Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire?


Studyladder is a highly effective, logically organised, Mathematics and Literacy program. It has been developed by experienced educators to inspire and motivate learning. It is suitable for Primary and Junior High School students and is very easy to use - students simply login with a username and password to access all the learning materials.


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