Mandala Garden

At present our Mandala Garden is under reconstruction, as part of our Landscape Strategy Plan. We hope to re-establish the vegetable garden, chooks, composting and wormery in the near future. This garden project will encourage sustainable gardening and activities will integrate with literacy, numeracy and science learning. The school garden project will also provide alternative learning and leadership opportunities for our students, whilst also promoting the values of our school. At present our garden does have some fruit trees [lemon, mulberry and peach], rosemary and a functional pizza oven.

When the garden beds are re-established we hope to do the following: students will maintain the gardens with the assistance of teachers and parents; the rainwater tanks will be used to water the garden; students will measure and monitor rainfall and graph results; eggs from the chook shed will be made available to the school community; scraps will be collected from classrooms to feed the chooks; chook pellets will be provided by sponsors; students will be involved in caring, feeding, watering, cleaning eggs and packing for sale; the composting bin will be used with scraps and garden waste; compost will then be used on the garden; the wormery will be developed and used: castings will form part of the garden fertiliser along with compost and chook droppings: mulching will be an important aspect of the garden to retain moisture.

This garden will also encourage artistic elements through sculptures, wind chimes and scarecrows. Sensory plants, including herbs, will be planted. We will provide food scrap bins for each classroom and ice-cream containers under bubble taps to save water, which will then be used on the garden.

Part of the overall plan is to also introduce some animals to our garden area. At present we have Pickles, the miniature pig. Other options are being explored.

The development of this area will provide opportunities for students to learn about sustainability. Sustainability is an important cross-curriculum priority at Spring Gully Primary School.

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