Rules and Consequences

Spring Gully Primary School's Behaviour Management Plan

Spring Gully Primary School has a leveled system for behaviour management. The levels (with their conseuqences) are listed below:

General Behaviour Management Levels   Classroom Behaviour Management Levels 

General Behaviour Management

Level 1 behaviours

  • No hat
  • In classroom before the teacher, or during recess or lunchtime without permission.
  • Playing on the wrong oval, playground or in gardens and trees or on banks, sanctuary or teacher's car park - ignoring oval timetable
  • Riding bikes in the school yard or on the footpath in front of school
  • Playing chasey in or around the buildings
  • Dropping rubbish or eating in the wrong area - Consequences: rubbish collection or similar community service


Consequences: Record on Behaviour Sheets and put in collection tray.

Repeated behaviour (3) will warrant - Community Service/Timeout.


Level 2 behaviours

  • Disrupting the play of others - interfering with games
  • Disrespecting the belongings of others -taking property that belongs to other children or school property
  • Not respecting the rights of others
  • Putdowns - verbal and non-verbal
  • Dishonesty
  • Obvious exclusion

Consequences: Record on Behaviour Sheets and put in collection tray.

Timeout or Community Service. A Notification of Timeout form will be sent home for every child.

Repeated Level 2 behaviours will warrant a letter home.


Level 3 behaviours

  • Leaving the classroom or school ground without permission
  • Ignoring or disobeying: not following instructions or directions of a person in authority (eg. teacher or parent volunteer) - walking away, answering back, back-chatting, arguing
  • Physical Violence: punching, kicking, spitting, biting, throwing objects e.g. stones, equipment
  • Verbal & Emotional Violence: swearing, teasing, bullying, threatening, intimidation
  • Vandalism: inappropriate use of or damaging of school property
  • Inappropriate bus travel behaviour
  • Disregarding school rules


Consequences: Timeout. Notification of Timeout form will be sent home for every child.

Behaviours may warrant a parent/teacher/principal meeting and Behavioural Management Plan.

Level 3 behaviours may warrant suspension.

Age of student and disability will be taken into consideration and guide action taken.


Classroom Bahaviour Management                                                Top

  • Classroom teachers will establish classroom rules based on the school values.
  • Class rules to be visited every week in term one and regularly each term there after.
  • Classroom teachers to introduce new Classroom and Playground Behaviour Management Rules and processes and revisit every week in term one and each term there after.


Step 1.           WARNING- Maintain good tone and send a clear message.

Step 2.           Student is to be moved to another desk, or isolated within the classroom to break the cycle of behaviour. Supervision is to be maintained by the classroom teacher.

Step 3.           Student is removed from classroom to appropriate buddy room until end of session. Supervision is to be maintained by the ‘buddy' teacher.

Classroom Behavioural Management Slip to be completed by classroom teacher and placed in the tray in staffroom. The behaviour is to be entered into classroom incident book.

Step 4.           Inform a member of leadership at recess, lunch if you have any concerns.


When in the buddy room;

  • Student to sit in isolation
  • Student to be given work to complete by their classroom teacher
  • Student should be dealt with in an appropriate manner - not drawing attention to them or their behaviour
  • If a student refuses to go to their buddy room, Principal, Assistant Principal or Leading Teacher should be notified.
  • If behaviour is repeated, timeout and / or notification to parent, a parent meeting and / or Behaviour Management Plan may be required.

Note: If a student is removed from the classroom on more than one occasion during the day, please discuss issues and concerns with a member of leadership at recess, lunchtime or after school. A phone call to alert the student's parent or guardian will be made.

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