Corrective Action

Protocols of Discipline - Actions to Prevent Problems When They Arise

  • When carrying out corrective action the teacher should maintain eye contact, minimize embarrassment and hostility by using a respectful voice.
  • Watch proximity to the student – to maintain distance, avoid arguing and give clear choices to maximise the student's responsibility for behavior.
  • Maintain a sense of humour, be consistent in the use of appropriate action, and follow through.
  • Utilise wide support (peers, administration and parents).

Tactical ignoring

The purpose is to reinforce on task behaviour. Teacher gives no direct eye contact for off task behavior.

Simple direction

Use respectful language accompanied by please and thank you.  Keep directions simple.

Positive reinforcement

Pick up on task behaviour and acknowledge it

Question and feedback

Break into a disruptive cycle with a question. Start with what, not why.

Rule reminders

Simply restate the rule. Don't get caught up in discussion.


State a direction repetitively.

Isolation from peers

When a student continues to be disruptive, give a choice to work quietly or to move away from the group within the room.

Removal from class

When faced with aggressive, dangerous, tantrum or any behaviour that continues to disrupt learning within the group, the teacher may need to remove the student from the class.


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