New Enrolment Policy

In managing new enrolments, we are required to adhere to state-wide enrolment placement policy and processes, whereby eligible students have a right to be placed in their designated neighbourhood school. 

The designated neighbourhood school is defined as the school that is nearest to the student’s permanent residential address, measured in a straight line from the residence. However, some important changes have taken place and are summarised below.

Students living outside the designated neighbourhood may still apply for enrolment, but will no longer be guaranteed a place, with places to be allocated in the following order:

1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.

2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time. 3. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

4. In exceptional circumstances, upon compassionate grounds.


We are experiencing enormous interest in Prep enrolments for 2019. To enable me to confirm Prep places for 2019, I require our existing families that have a child to commence in Prep next year to complete an enrolment form ASAP (if you have not already done so), but no later than Friday, 3rd August. Knowing this information will allow me to contact all other families who have submitted enrolment forms, especially those outside of our designated neighbourhood, to confirm their placement for next year. I appreciate your support with this matter.